Representing the very best

Representing the very best

Swiss Bank, Greenwich Connecticut

In previous columns we have addressed what an Independent Manufacturers Representative does for a living, how to select one for your product and does it really save money to substitute specified products. This column concerns a successful collaboration between an architect, Independent Manufacturers Representative, Manufacturer and contractor. The latter three are all current members of CISCA.

The project, The Trading Floor, Swiss Bank Center, Stamford Connecticut won first place in The 1998 CISCA Construction Excellence Award Competition for Single System / Product Application in new construction.

The project typifies the meaningful collaboration of all parties. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s New York City Office, the project presented many challenges in appearance, cost, form and function. Not only was the acoustical performance important, but lighting, air-conditioning, and accessibility for ever changing technological advancements were crucial components of the project.

The trading floor was being created to accommodate 600 to 800 traders, in a 50,000 square foot area with a 210 foot by 132 foot clear span. The construction schedule was very aggressive and the economic impact of any delays daunting. The selected system had to incorporate the latest in available technology!

Early in the design phase, the architect contacted Warren Cirulneck, President of CISCA Member Firm, Artexture, Brooklyn, New York. Artexture offered the architect the most current cutting edge products available in our industry today.

Warren visited with the architect, listened to their goal’s and concerns and began to develop an action plan. It quickly became apparent that a custom Decoustics Ceiling System would be the proper choice for the project.

Warren immediately contacted Andrew Rogers, Sales Manager for Decoustics and began intense discussions regarding this very important project. As in all complicated, high profile projects the teams expanded to include the Architect, Independent Manufacturers Representative, Manufacturer, Cost Consultant, Mechanical Consultants and Construction Manager’s teams. Dhaya Bala and Ron White were added to the Decoustics Team as well as numerous other Decoustics Employees.

It became apparent early on that to meet the incredibly tight schedule, a large degree of prefabrication would be required. A demanding, quot;one of a kindquot; system was developed with the requirement of a pre award mock-up, to assure compliance with all project requirements. The system included not only a custom suspension component but also a custom Decoustics Claro factory applied finish.

Numerous CAD Generated concepts were sent to the architectural team through Artexture, many samples were requested and delivered. Many concepts proposed and abandoned. Finally…. A workable idea surfaced, and was presented to the designer.

The client insisted on competition and several CISCA Manufacturer Members were involved at this point of the project, all worked diligently to gain the upper hand, however it was necessary to select one company to manufacture, and deliver the material, and one company to install the system.

The project was put out for competitive bidding and long time CISCA Member, Component Assembly Corporation, Westchester County, New York, was selected as the subcontractor for the project; Decoustics was selected as the manufacturer.

Decoustics’ Direct Mount suspended ceiling system was chosen for the trading hall because of its inherent design flexibility. A total of 2208 custom panels were pre-curved at their manufacturing facility using specialized robotic CAD/CAM technology, a technology pioneered by Decoustics over the past ten years. Custom packaging and shipping procedures were developed to limited material damage.

The panels were direct mounted to pre-curved steel quot;Squot; members supplied by Decoustics. This approach utilized oversized panels and reduced the number of panels by approximately 30%. This cut installation time, reduced scaffolding requirements and reduced the member of ceiling joints significantly

The project teams enabled the designer to satisfy their design intent, on time and within budget. This is an excellent example of the CISCA Team Approach! CISCA Members facilitated a very difficult project to completion, to the satisfaction of all.

Artexture typified the highest standard of a CISCA Independent Manufacturers Representative. They followed the project from the very early conceptual stages, through design development, to final design, bidding, construction and completion. This is an excellent example of how a CISCA Independent Manufacturers Representative helps to increase the value of a project for all members of the team, and through dedicated professionalism, help increase profits for all members of the project team.

CICSA helps foster the attitude of professionalism in our industry. In the next issue we will discuss another successful CISCA Collaborative Effort. If you have a story to tell, please contact me through CISCA Headquarters.

William L. Shannon CSI, CISCA
President of Shannon Corporation
Recipient of the 2004 De Gelleke Award