Representing the very best

Representing the very best

Ron Tvrdik…. We will miss you!

A bright light in our industry left us last month. Ron Tvrdik, “Ronny T”, “The Commissioner”, a friend, colleague, and truly unique individual will no longer enhance and brighten our personal and business lives. It is shocking and sad to suddenly and unexpediantly loose such a young and vibrant associate.

It is difficult to express our feelings about Ron in a manner commensurate with his importance and impact upon our professional lives.

It is hard to imagine that we will no longer hear the familiar, “hey you stiff”, “ball in the air gentlemen”, “please don&’t talk while my ball is rolling”, or the famous contribution at all Manufacturer / Rep Sales Meetings, “the winner of the PA (Pompous Ass) award is…”

Ron was a character, Oh what a character! To all that knew him well, the mere mention of his name would elicit a smile, a chuckle. Ron the husband, father, business associate, friend, typified the type of individual that enhances our lives and the professionalism of our industry. He made business fun. Handling a serious situation in a manner that relaxed all involved, diffusing potential confrontations, expediting prompt and fair resolutions.

Ron spent his entire career in the Ceiling and Interior System Industry. Starting in 1964 with USG where he held various positions until 1973. In 1973 joining Donn Products for three years, where he broadened his interior architectural building products expertise, before accepting a new and interesting challenge with long time CISCA Contractor Member, Airtite in 1976, for a five year “tour of duty”.

Ron enjoyed his work, and his career. Often you would hear him discussing interesting industry experiences, always with a hint of humor. He was a great source of industry information and history.

In 1981 Ron joined Technical Ceiling Systems (TCS) for a very interesting and very challenging nine years. All of us that worked with Ron while he was at TCS remember his ability to handle difficult situations with his unique sense of humor. He was certainly tested many times during this phase of his career!

Ron made many contractor friends while at TCS, Jim Anderson of H. Carr & Sons in Rhode Island had the greatest respect for Ron, and appreciated his ability to react to difficult engineering, production and installation problems. Ron was a crucial ingredient to the successful completion of the largest commercial office tower project in Boston in the early 1980&’s, 53 State Street.

In 1989, Ron decided to join our family of Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives. We all suggested psychiatric counseling, but he insisted to embark upon this new journey!

Having worked in the manufacturing and contractor arenas of our industry, Ron brought a unique and valuable perspective to the problems we face daily. He was always ready, willing and very able to contribute ideas and concepts with his usual & unique enthusiasm. His questions at meetings were well crafted and would stimulate a vibrant discourse, generally leading to meaningful concepts and ideas. He was certainly never shy, his well informed, outspoken approach to a subject is legendary.

Ron was well liked and respected by His Principal Companies, Architects, Distributors and contractors. Having spoken with many of them in the past two weeks there was a universal sadness that he is gone, but a universal celebration of the time spent with Ron.

The commentary is consistently positive and emotional. “Ron represented us for eight years, what a wonderful guy! He was on his way to his first million dollar year with us!”

The Independent Manufacturers&’ Representative who offered, ” Ron T. was the absolute best at assuring you received your specification credit. He always went out of his way to recognize the efforts of his colleagues”.

Or the CISCA Contractor who remembers Ron going “out on the limb” for him to assure on time delivery of critical materials for his project. “He was the best follow-up person we have ever dealt with”!

The distributor who remembers Ron as a passionate advocate of his client who would do almost anything to assure customer satisfaction.

He was a consummate professional worthy of the recognition given him. Our industry would be enhanced if there were more people like Ron T.

Ron would want us all to remember him as the funny, intelligent, spontaneous person that he was. There are thousands of Ron Tvrdik Stories, he touched us all.

We will miss you friend.

William L. Shannon CSI, CISCA
President of Shannon Corporation
Recipient of the 2004 De Gelleke Award