Representing the very best

Representing the very best

INTEX 2006 — A New Era for CISCA

The time: April 2006. The place: Long Beach, California. The event: The First Annual INTEX Trade show! The long awaited Joint CISCA / AWCI Trade Show, occurring simultaneously with CISCA’s 56th Annual Convention, that’s correct, 56th Annual Convention!

For many years there has been discussion and debate regarding a joint trade show with AWCI. Many companies and individuals complaining that it was difficult to attend two trade shows, putting off membership in CISCA, waiting for the time that joining CISCA would offer the opportunity to attend a CISCA Convention and joint trade show. That time is now!

CISCA is acknowledged as the leading industry association focusing upon acoustical ceilings and walls, as well as metal, fabric, wood and other unique specialty ceiling and wall systems! This has been the case for more than 56 years!


CISCA was founded by the pioneers of the acoustical ceiling and wall industry! There are other associations, specializing in other segments of the interior construction industry, but if your focus is acoustically oriented ceiling and wall systems, there is only one place to be, CISCA! Membership in CISCA is a privilege, open to a select group of individuals and companies sharing the same important industry focus, specialty and acoustical ceiling and wall systems.

CISCA Member Companies represent more than 95% of all North American Acoustical Ceiling, Acoustical Wall Systems, and other specialty ceiling and wall system Manufacturers. Many from other parts of the world as well! This membership includes virtually all companies using both company sales forces, and independent manufacturers’ representatives. Also including companies using a combination of both independent and company employed representatives to go to market.

CISCA Conventions provide an unusual format enabling contractors, manufacturers, distributors and independent manufacturer’s representatives to attend a single meeting, focused upon, and specializing in, acoustical ceilings and walls, and other specialty ceilings and wall systems. The events are tightly targeted, enabling a more in depth coverage of this important, vital and profitable segment of the construction industry. Adding the INTEX Trade Show broadens the opportunities for all attendees, and, finally, enables CISCA Members to attend one trade show and experience all our specialty industry has to offer, at one time, and, at one place!

The annual CISCA Convention and INTEX Trade Show is the place for individuals to meet the most professional and most reputable contractors, the most important distributors, the most influential independent manufacturers’ representatives and the key manufacturers in our unique industry. But trade shows are only a small portion of the benefits of CISCA Membership.

Membership in CISCA enables you and your company to become influential in the direction of our industry. Since 1950, CISCA has been setting the standards for the ceiling and interior industry. The Ceiling Systems Handbook is considered the authoritative guide to acoustic and specialty ceiling installation. It is used by designers, specifiers and contractors around the world! CISCA’s Publication, Acoustical Ceilings, use and practice, has been used for more than twenty five years as the basis for acoustical design and understanding. Many active CISCA Committees are hard at work developing new guidelines for Metal Ceilings, Wood Ceilings, and Seismic Requirements, to name a few.

As a CISCA Member, you can help shape future industry standards, by joining one of many committees corresponding to your interest and expertise. Your voice and experience will have a meaningful effect upon our industry. If you have ideas and opinions, become a member, help shape our industry!


Experience “The Power of Partnership”! Most CISCA Members recognize how participation in CISCA has helped their company grow and increase profitability. CISCA has provided them with an opportunity to meet others from around the world that specializes in acoustical and specialty ceilings and wall systems.


CISCA Members have been working diligently over the past 10 years to increase our membership to record levels. Members understand that helping increase CISCA Membership has a direct effect upon the influence CISCA Members have in the Commercial Interior Construction Industry. It enables our members to establish acceptable standards for products, systems and procedures, leading to safer more profitable projects.

CISCA Education Programs have become a standard in the industry for training the next generation of leaders. A place for discussions with company personnel from other parts of The United States and from around the world. It’s common to hear company leaders state “I discovered this time saving concept at the last CISCA Convention”!

What are you waiting for? Join the leaders of the commercial Interior Construction Industry! Help create a more professional industry, increasing the profit potential for all of our members. There is now one trade show for our industry, Join CISCA and experience “The Power of Partnership”!

William L. Shannon CSI, CISCA
President of Shannon Corporation
Recipient of the 2004 De Gelleke Award