Representing the very best

Representing the very best

AWCI Members Should Also Belong to CISCA!

Over the past many months, while traveling and speaking with many industry veterans, the question often posed is; We belong to AWCI Why should we belong to CISCA? What will CISCA Membership do for our company?

Generally speaking, AWCI focuses upon Drywall, EIFS, Fireproofing and Plaster. CISCA’s main focus is, and always has been, acoustics and suspended acoustical ceiling and acoustical wall systems. Many AWCI and CISCA Members participate in all of these market segments, but the overwhelming focus is AWCI / Drywall, CISCA / Acoustical ceiling and wall systems. Interestingly, even firms involved in all market segments have separate divisions for the drywall or acoustic work.

In past years there were separate conventions and trade shows for AWCI and CISCA, making participation in both, costly, time consuming and impractical. Now that there is INTEX, our joint trade show, belonging to both organizations makes sense!

What are a few of the compelling reasons to belong to CISCA?

  • 95% of ceilings systems and acoustical product manufacturers belong to CISCA and attend The Annual CISCA Convention.
  • CISCA is the only professional industry association specializing in The Acoustical Ceiling and Acoustical Wall Systems Business.
  • CISCA produces and publishes myriad acoustical and ceiling specific technical brochures, handbooks and Interior Construction Magazine, to keep members up to date with current and pertinent industry information.
  • CISCA Members bring national and international technical expertise to the organization, and offer a professional venue for industry discussion, debate and problem solving.
  • CISCA is composed of our industry’s leading Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Independent Manufacturers Representatives and Service Associates, keeping all members up to date with Ceiling and acoustical trends both nationally and internationally.
  • CISCA offers a showcase for member’s accomplishments in our annual “Awards of Excellence Program”.
  • CISCA brings more than FIFTY YEARS of experience to its members, with specific focus upon suspended ceiling and specialty wall panel systems. The founders of CISCA were the original members of The Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Industry!
  • CISCA and CISCA Members are responsible for developing internationally recognized standards for Acoustic, Seismic, and Fire Rated assemblies and systems. They have developed the construction methods and procedures for the modern Interior Construction Industry.
  • CISCA continuously updates technical documents to assist members in estimating, job management, employee issues and financial documentation.
  • CISCA continues to host active committees focusing upon current and future suspended ceiling and acoustical wall system trends and procedures. The products of these committees provide our members with valuable technical documents to help them in current and future projects.
  • INTEX now simplifies joint membership, enabling individuals to attend both conventions and one trade show. Our members asked for this and CISCA listened. The benefits have been outstanding.


Over the past ten years, the importance of history and integrity has been slipping in our industry. Belonging to our industry’s professional organization is an important step in rekindling the sense of purpose and pride in the interior construction industry. Like voting in a national election, if you want to have an impact on your business and industry you have to take part and contribute. Let your thoughts and ideas be shared with your colleagues. From a purely selfish point of view, doesn’t it make sense to attend meetings with a broad range of members from other territories?

Networking is important in all aspects of our lives. One of the most beneficial aspects of belonging to CISCA is the opportunity to network with individuals from all market segments and varied geographical locations. It is interesting to note that CISCA Meetings often result in new relationships between manufacturers, distributors, contractors and independent manufacturer’s representatives that have lead to exciting project collaboration and profitable job opportunities for our members.

Many of us are often asked to refer manufacturers to Contractors, Distributors, and Independent Manufacturers Representatives in other territories. Can we recommend a contractor in another territory?

If we have never met you, had no interaction with you at CISCA, you will not get the referral. Many of our most important contacts are made at CISCA Conventions. CISCA has always made money for our members.

Why belong to CISCA? Why not belong to CISCA is a better question? If you are involved with our industry, looking for a place to share ideas, create a professional identity for your firm, meet all of the players in one place yearly, receive a monthly publication regarding your business, and have the opportunity to have an impact on the industry, you should belong to CISCA!

CISCA and AWCI dual membership makes sense!

William L. Shannon CSI, CISCA
President of Shannon Corporation
Recipient of the 2004 De Gelleke Award